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5 pm / Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Experimentierfeld

ODDKIN°labs are prototype workshops that explore the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin by questioning objects, spaces and narratives with a transdisciplinary approach. They respond to the ecofeminist call for crafting new modes of co-living in our damaged planet from the coordinates of a natural history museum, a fertile place where to nurture and follow unexpected relations.

Co-designed by Chiara Garbellotto and Sina Ribak in collaboration with Wiebke Rössig and Lisa Jahn, Experimentierfeld, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, and CARMAH, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.

Sina Ribak is an engineer in environmental management and nature conservation working at the interface of nature and culture. With her socio-ecological focus, she engages in international collaborative projects contributing to transdisciplinary research. Since 2017 she is co-director of Berlin’s Between Us and Nature – A Reading Club.

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21 May 2019

Lab 0.0 The Game of Kin. Multispecies Storytelling Workshop

Geologists, biologists, scholars from humanities and social sciences, writers and artists are trying to describe what scenarios our human and non-human ways of life will take us to. But no specialist and no technology can confirm what the future of life on Earth will look like. The Game of Kin aims at simulating futures for all of us and to question who “we” are and what forms that “we” might have.

GUEST: Costanza Mendoza (Laboratorio de Pensamiento Lúdico)

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4 June 2019

Lab 0.1 Ghosts, Silences, Hidden Things. Taxidermic Cinema Workshop

Cinema and taxidermy have much in common: both bring subjects to life for viewing pleasure, for preservation and/or as research. In this workshop, participants explore these intersections by preparing short, audiovisual stories. Filming the museum’s taxidermized animals, we explore how to be taxidermic in our filmic approach: what stories do we preserve, reanimate, communicate? Which images, sounds and text do we research and collect in order to do so? And what other entrails might we set aside in the process?

GUEST: Debbie Onuoha

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4 July 2019

Lab 0.2 The Space Between the Stones

The Space between the Stones is a multiperspective examination of rocks and stones as ‘storied matter’, of their narrative agencies and their co-authorship in a posthuman and polyphonic storytelling.

GUEST: Sybille Neumeyer

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