The Problem of Diversity: Anthropology and Curatorial Practice

‘Diversity Arts Culture — Berliner Projektbüro für Diversitätsentwicklung’ and the Landesverband der Museen zu Berlin organised a conference on diversity development in cultural institutions last November 2017 in the Märkisches Museum at which CARMAH researcher Jonas Tinius spoke about his ongoing research with curators and contemporary arts institutions in Berlin. A detailed report can be found here.

CARMAH hosts the department seminar series in summer semester 2018

This upcoming semester, CARMAH is hosting the department seminar series jointly with the Institute of European Ethnology. The series is organised by Jonas Tinius, Tahani Nadim, Sharon Macdonald and features a set of international speakers as well as roundtables, panels, masterclasses, and evening lectures on transformations of anthropology and anthropological transformations. Feel free to join! A detailed schedule can be found here.

2018: European Year of Cultural Heritage

What is cultural heritage? Increasing designations of monuments, buildings, and objects as cultural heritage make Sharon Macdonald propose that maybe we’d better ask “What is not cultural heritage?” Find out more about her notion by clicking here.

Also, a World Café in May 2018 will dedicate itself to an anthropologically coined search for common ground: “Rethinking (Islamic) Heritage in Europe”. Find all details here.