Chiara Garbellotto

Tal Adler

As part of CARMAH’s “Science and Citizenship” project, my research takes the Berlin Museum für Naturkunde as a case study, examining its role in the construction of a discourse about (bio)diversity. It explores whether this theme is present just as part of the scientific research and the activities of knowledge transfer, or if it is also embedded in the curatorial strategy and the programme of public engagement – and if it does, how. My work will aim at drawing attention to the practices of self-identification that both visitors and non-visitors perform in relation to the museum’s “ecosystem”.

I am currently defining the methodology to be used in the field. In particular, I aim at devising multidisciplinary practices of collaborative ethnography.

Prior to joining CARMAH, I completed the Museums, Galleries, and Contemporary Culture Master of Arts at the University of Westminster, London. My final project dealt with informal learning experiences of participatory workshops in exhibiting contexts. It was carried out as part of the artistic project “Museum of Contemporary Commodities” hosted at Furtherfield Gallery.

In 2012, I gained a Masters degree in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology from the University of Bologna, with a dissertation in Museum Anthropology. In 2011, I undertook a four-month ethnography at the London-based Wellcome Collection, examining verbal and non-verbal processes of meaning construction during guided tours of the permanent exhibition “Medicine Now”.