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Below you can find a list of publications by CARMAH researchers which can, for the most part, be downloaded either as a pdf or via an external link. Please note that some external links may require you to register access via the providing platform.


Tal Adler

Refugees Welcome? Difference and Diversity in a Changing Germany

Sharon Macdonald & Jan-Jonathan Bock (forthcoming) eds., Refugees Welcome? Difference and Diversity in a Changing Germany, Oxford: Berghahn.

Tal Adler

Jacobus Hendrick: Traces of Namibian Social History, German Colonial History, and Berlin Scientific History

Larissa Förster, Dag Henrichsen, Holger Stoecker and Hans Axasi #Eichab (forthcoming), in: Human Remains and Violence 4/2.

Tal Adler

Menschliche Überreste in deutschen Institutionen. Historische Entwicklungen und zukünftige Perspektiven

Sarah Fründt and Larissa Förster (forthcoming), in: Zeller, Joachim; Bechhaus-Gerst, Marianne (eds.) Deutschland postkolonial? Die Gegenwart der imperialen Vergangenheit. Berlin: Metropol-Verlag.

Tal Adler

Endorsement effects and warning potentials. Architecture from Totalitarian eras as heritage

Sharon Macdonald (in press), in Håkan Hökerberg (ed.) Architecture as Propaganda in Twentieth-Century Totalitarian Regimes. History and Heritage. Florence: Polistampa

Tal Adler


Sharon Macdonald (in press), in H.Callan (ed.) Encyclopaedia of Anthropology, Wiley-Blackwell.

Tal Adler

Review of Mara A. Leichtman, Shi’i Cosmopolitanisms in Africa. Lebanese Migration and Religious Conversion in Senegal (Indiana University Press)

Katarzyna Puzon (in press). Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 24 (3), 2018

The Long Way Home. Zur Biografie restituierter Objekte/Subjekte

Larissa Förster, in: Thierry Greub and Martin Roussel, Martin (eds.) (forthcoming): Portrait. Festschrift für Dietrich Boschung. Wilhelm Fink: Paderborn

Tal Adler

What not to collect: Post-coinnoisseurial dystopia and the profusion of things

Sharon Macdonald and Jennie Morgan (in press), in P.Schorch and C.McCarthy (eds) Curatopia. Museums and the Future of Curatorship, Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Discussing Ethnological Museums: The Epistemology of Postcolonial Debates

Larissa Förster and Friedrich von Bose, in: Philipp Schorch and Conal McCarthy (eds.) (forthcoming): Curatopia: Histories, Theories. Manchester University Press

(c) Bloomsbury

Awkward Art and Difficult Heritage

Jonas Tinius, ‘Awkward Art and Difficult Heritage: Nazi Art Collectors and Postcolonial Archives’, in: Thomas Fillitz and Paul van der Grijp. Eds. An Anthropology of Contemporary Art: Practices, Markets, and Collectors. London: Bloomsbury, pp. 130–145.


(c) Waxmann Verlag

Prekarität und Ästhetisierung

Jonas Tinius, 'Prekarität und Ästhetisierung: Reflexionen zu postfordistischer Arbeit in der freien Theaterszene', in: Ove Sutter and Valeska Flor (Hrsg.) Ästhetisierung der Arbeit. Kulturanalysen des kognitiven Kapitalismus. Bonner Beiträge zur Alltagskulturforschung, Band 11. Münster: Waxmann, S. 139–156

(c) Anders Sune Berg

The Porosity of Darkness

Jonas Tinius, A Conversation on Architecture, Multimedia Arts, and the Venice Biennale’ (with Danish artist Kirstine Roeppstorff and curator of the Danish Pavilion Solvej Helweg Ovesen). Mousse Magazine.

Objects/Subjects in Exile

Wayne Modest, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung and Margareta von Oswald in: L'Internationale Online (ed.). Subjects and Objects in Exile, 2017.


Jonas Tinius
© John Fahy

‘Economy, Happiness, and the Good Life’. An Interview with Prof Edward Fischer (Vanderbilt).

Jonas Tinius and Johannes Lenhard, in: King’s Review. 2016 (1): 90–102.


Plea for a more systematic, comparative, international and long-term approach to restitution, provenance research and the historiography of collections.

Larissa Förster. Museumskunde, vol. 81, pp. 49-54


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