Two open positions: Research Fellows with expected full-time-employment (E 13 TV-L HU)

Two researcher positions (E 13) are available from 01.10.2020 until 31.3.2022 to work within the sub-project “Realizations and Reception: The Humboldt Forum Berlin” as part of the main project “Making Differences: Transforming Museums and Heritage”, funded by Sharon Macdonald’s Alexander von Humboldt Professorship. The researchers will work as part of a team to research the exhibitions of the Humboldt Forum (including analysis of content and display) and their reception (including visitor research). As part of a team, they will play a role in the research design, conduct research and analyze the results, and to write it up in both report and publishable format. They will also contribute to wider project organization and outputs, and to the wider project concerns with questions of difference and transformation in relation to museums

© Harriet Merrow

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