Doctoral Candidates

Katharina Geis

© Katharina Geis

I joined CARMAH in December 2019 as a researcher in the DFG-funded research project Curating Digital Images: Ethnographic Perspectives on the Affordances of Digital Images in Heritage and Museum Contexts, integrated in the DFG priority programme The Digital Image. My research is focused on online archives as well as virtual museums. In recent years, the digitization of museums’ collections, including historical artefacts, artworks and paintings, has received both significant public attention and funding. Today, users can access a growing number of digital archives and virtual museums at any time and from anywhere in the world. As part of the “Curating Digital Images” project, I will combine approaches of media and digital anthropology as well as empirical ethnographic studies to understand who interacts with these digital objects and how visitors use online archives and virtual museums. This includes how users view, search for, sort, share and curate the digital images they find on these websites and platforms as part of their everyday life.