Project Researchers, Doctoral Candidates

Nazlı Cabadağ

Tal Adler

I joined CARMAH in April 2017 as a doctoral fellow in the  “Media and Mediation”  research group of the project Making Differences in Berlin: Transforming Museums and Heritage in the 21st century. Situated against the backdrop of new wave migration from Turkey to Germany, which arguably escalated due to the crackdown on dissidents within last five years, and against the entangled histories of migration between two countries, my ethnographic study explores the politics of transnational and translocal queer solidarity and practices of queering heritage across borders and generations. Over the course of two-year long fieldwork, I followed various solidarity events organized and/or attended by Turkish-speaking queer newcomers in Berlin. Engaged in dialogue with postcolonial queer critique, migration and diaspora studies and the literature on social movements, I tackle the politics and affects negotiated around translocality, activism and the political.

Before I hoped on CARMAH boat, I completed my MA in January 2016 in Cultural Studies at Sabancı University with a thesis entitled “Negotiating Queer Public Visibility: Experiences of LGBTI Residents in Kurtuluş, İstanbul”