Project Researchers, Doctoral Candidates

Nazlı Cabadağ

Tal Adler

I joined CARMAH in May, 2017 as a member of “Media and Mediation” project .Focusing on digitally mediated practices of political engagement, I intend to pursue the experiences of Türkiyeli* queers in Berlin. Using the complementary methodologies of online and offline ethnography, I will research the mutually shaping relationship between use of digital media and the negotiations over queerness, Turkishness, activism and the political.

In January, 2016, I completed my MA in Cultural Studies at Sabancı University with a thesis entitled “Negotiating Queer Public Visibility: Experiences of LGBTI Residents in Kurtuluş, İstanbul”. In my current research, engaging in dialogue with studies on sexuality, migration and digital media, I aim to develop a critical understanding on the neoliberal accounts of LGBTI+ politics and queer manifestations in the transnational context of Berlin.

*Türkiyeli is preferred to include the ethnic variety of peoples living in Turkey who are not necessarily identified as Turkish.