Katarzyna Puzon

As part of CARMAH’s “Representing Islam” project, my postdoctoral research is concerned with the ways in which Islam is constructed through Berlin’s heritage developments, with special emphasis on spatio-temporal transformations, the dynamics of absence and presence, as well as the participatory and relational nature of museum work and heritage-making. Drawing on a number of theoretical and methodological approaches, in particular postcolonial theory, intersectionality and anthropology of the future, I probe into the questions of diversity and difference by engaging critically with the politics and poetics of representation and recognition. Approaching the city of Berlin as an urban research laboratory, my ethnographic research primarily looks at the practices of local initiatives and neighbourhood-based projects and explores multifarious manifestations of heritage-making processes across time and space in different parts of the city. As part of my doctoral project entitled (Re)constructing Beirut: Heritage, Memory, and a Post-war Metropolis, I carried out long-term ethnographic research in Lebanon and examined how multiple discourses and practices of Beirut’s urban heritage were mobilised and framed by ongoing changes in the city and engaged in future-making.


Research Expertise and Interests

  • Heritage, museums, and material culture
  • Cities
  • Islam
  • Mobility
  • Migration and the politics of belonging
  • Memory
  • Conflict and post-conflict contexts
  • Middle East – Lebanon
  • Europe – Germany, Poland


WS 2017/18 Heritage and the City


  • European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA)
  • Association of Critical Heritage Studies (ACHS)
  • Moving Matters Travelling Workshop (MMTW)
  • Urban Research Group, Georg Simmel Centre for Metropolitan Studies, Humboldt University of Berlin (2012-2013) (URG)