Dealing with Islam in Berlin's Museum Context

CARMAH, Institut für Europäische Ethnologie, Møhrenstraße 40/41, 10117 Berlin

How is diversity within Islam addressed? What implications does this have if Islam is represented as religion, culture or art? Does the emergence of Islam-oriented networks and initiatives contribute to a new understanding of Islam? And if so, how? This event brought together researchers and practitioners to discuss these questions and reflect upon the ways in which Islam is represented in different museum contexts.

The workshop was divided into two sessions and each of them included a lively discussion among participants.

Welcome: Sharon Macdonald

Introduction: Katarzyna Puzon, Christine Gerbich

Session One

Chair: Katarzyna Puzon

Miriam Goldmann (Jüdisches Museum Berlin)
Paola Ivanov (Ethnologisches Museum)
Stefanie Kuhn (Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Museum)
Ibrahim Quraishi (freelance artist)/Solvej Helweg Ovesen (Galerie Wedding)
Melissa Forstrom (Purchase College, State University of New York)

Session Two

Chair: Christine Gerbich

Roman Singendonk (Museum für Islamische Kunst)
Salma Jreige (Multaka – Treffpunkt Museum)
Ute Marxreiter (Ethnologisches Museum)
Udo Gößwald (Museum Neukölln)
Sophia Labadi (University of Kent)