Mindscapes is an international cultural programme developed by Wellcome that aims to support a transformation in how we understand, address and talk about mental health. It brings together culture, communities, policy and research, and is informed and inspired by Wellcome’s existing mental health work. Mindscapes will be based, predominantly, in four cities – Bengaluru, Berlin, New York and Tokyo. Through an open and collaborative approach to cultural enquiry Mindscapes will shed unusual light on this increasingly important topic.

In Berlin, the project departs from an artist-in-residency programme with Kader Attia in Berlin’s Gropius Bau. Here, Mindscapes will culminate in an exhibition and public programming on issues related to care, repair and healing. The project is coordinated by Margareta von Oswald, Mindscapes’ Curatorial Research Fellow, based at CARMAH.

Image credits: Traditional Repair, Immaterial Injury, 2015/2018
Floor sculpture. Metallic staples
Exhibition view “The Field of Emotion”, The Power Plant, Toronto / Canada, 2018
Courtesy the Artist
Photo credit: Toni Hafkenscheid