Islam and Heritage in Europe

CARMAH, Institut für Europäische Ethnologie, Møhrenstraße 40/41, 10117 Berlin

The workshop focused on the relationship between Islam and heritage in Europe, its histories, formations, and mobilities, as well as the position and role of Islam in Europe’s heritage, in tangible and intangible forms. These questions are closely connected to the issues of representation and recognition that impact the ways in which Islam has been framed in Europe, including its “othering” and the Europe/Islam divide. Examining discursive dynamics, processes, as well as spatial and temporal entanglements, participants reflected upon these developments and the ways in which they are intertwined with socio-cultural and political questions that imply certain definitions of value, space, and privilege of interpretation, along with their their translocal and performative dimensions.

This event brought together international scholars to think creatively and critically about heritage-making and Islam in the context of current happenings in Europe, simultaneously focusing on past developments and future possibilities.