Doctoral Candidates

Sarah Ullrich

© Sarah Ullrich

I joined CARMAH in December 2019 as a researcher in the DFG-funded research project Curating Digital Images: Ethnographic Perspectives on the Affordances of Digital Images in Heritage and Museum Contexts, integrated in the DFG priority programme The Digital Image. My main research concentrates on the creation and curation of digital images on social media. Since museums and their visitors are of particular scientific interest to my research, I will work closely with CARMAH’s partner institutions. My ethnographic research focusses on how visitors themselves become part of digitization processes and to what extent social media platforms have become digital image archives of museums and heritage in their own right. More precisely, my research will take a closer look on how users select, alter, arrange and contextualize digital images on social media platforms. Further, I will explore identity-creating practices and narratives in relation to digital images and social media in museum and heritage contexts.