Associate Members

Deborah Cohen

© Tal Adler

CARMAH members’ portraits were captured in March 2017, on the ‘New55 PN’ – a new handmade instant film for large format, 4”x5” cameras. This film was launched through crowdfunding in 2014 as a reinvention of the discontinued, legendary ‘Type 55’ by Polaroid. Since the sixties, Polaroid’s unique ‘Type 55’ starred in many artists’ and professional photographers’ projects. ‘Type 55’ provided both an instant print and a superb negative from which more (and larger) prints could be made. Like so many photographic material in the last 10-15 years, ‘Type 55’ was discontinued in 2009. Tal Adler decided to use the ‘New55 PN’ not only for its beautiful quality but also to reflect, and participate in, the revival of (photographic) heritage.

Working under the roof of CARMAH as a student assistant to Sharon Macdonald and the team brought with it a refreshing variety of tasks. Alongside the management of our library and the maintenance of the site you’re reading this text on, I aided the researchers in the diverse aftermath of field research and assisted in the organization of CARMAH’s events.

I was a graduate student at the Institute for European Ethnology. Yet questions of presentation and representation, of knowledge production and its transfers, and the role of technologies herein still attract my anthropological gaze. The opportunity to support CARMAH provided not only for my skills to be expanded through inspiring collaboration with the team, but also to join in an exciting upgrowth process in the vibrant city of Berlin. It remains a pleasure to follow the exciting research and thereby, ideally, contribute to the spreading of its implications in practice.