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Gönül Bozoğlu

Gonul Bozoglu
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My research explores the politics of history in modern-day Turkey, particularly in relation to the Atatürk and War of Independence Museum in Ankara and the Panorama 1453 Museum in Istanbul. These spectacular and highly-visited museums are closely aligned with different socio-political groups, associated respectively with Republican and Neo-Ottoman memory cultures. Although these are both state museums, they present different views of Turkish history that are attached in complex ways to diametric political (and party-political) positions in Turkey.

One of my interests is how history is represented and produced in these museums, which I study through display analysis and interviews with museum personnel. I also study visitors. I explore how history figures in their lives, identities and political, moral and religious beliefs, and seek to understand their responses to and behavior within the museums. I combine approaches from museum and heritage studies, memory studies, as well as theories of affect and social division.