Project Researchers

Roos Hopman

© Ildikó Zonga Plájás

I am a postdoctoral researcher floating between the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, the HU Berlin, and the University of Amsterdam. My interest goes out to how science deals with biological variation, whether that being human genetic markers or natural history specimens. My research in particular employs ethnographic methods to focus on data practices: practices pertaining to the collection, analysis, and ordering of data on biological variation. I study these data practices building on sensitivities derived from actor-network theory, taking inspiration from concepts relating to time and temporality.

Bringing these interests to the BUA-funded Museums and Society project, I am currently doing research on the digitization of collections at the Museum für Naturkunde. Before coming to Berlin, I completed my PhD at the anthropology department of the University of Amsterdam, in the ERC-funded RaceFaceID project. As part of this project I ethnographically studied forensic DNA phenotyping -technologies used to predict physical characteristics from DNA traces- and the enactment of race in them.