Student Assistants

Franziska Anastasia Lentes

© Steffen Roth

As a student assistant in the Mindscapes project, I support with organisation and research tasks related to the project’s topic around mental health in Berlin. I focus on the Urban Investigation–a research collaboration together with the urban sociologist Nassim Mehran (Charité). My work includes interview transcription and the future publication of the research, both in open access and as an online archive. I also assist the CARMAH team in administrational matters, communication and online presence.

I am a graduate student in the internationally oriented MA program Spatial Strategies at weißensee kunsthochschule berlin, where we critically deliberate on the vulnerabilities of spaces, especially through migrant and pluricultural perspectives. We reflect on the impact of coloniality and the multiple resistances thereof on spaces of the coloniser and colonised, and how the rhythms of physical and virtual spaces, rural and urban spaces, the local and the global are marked by such sociopolitical realities—in the past and the contemporary. These issues are tackled from artistic, curatorial as well as critical theory perspectives.

I am interested in sonic spaces and forms of embodied memories/archives—listening to voices, sounds/music, oral histories and how storytelling, as well as sonority activate different strategies of refusal and repair, thus creating counter-narratives to hegemonic power structures.