Making Museums Matter/CARMAH:

Museums and Partnerships in Times of War in Ukraine

5:30 pm

The brutal and aggressive war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, is driving more and more people to flee every day and causing massive destruction. How can Ukrainian colleagues continue their work against the backdrop of permanent threats to their lives, historic buildings, and collections? What role does cultural and natural heritage play in this war? And what forms of cooperation and resource sharing can museums abroad offer to provide support in solidarity and counter the rise of fascism?

In this session of the Making Museums Matter event series, colleagues from Ukraine, Poland, Germany and Switzerland, among others, will report on their needs, forms of resistance, strategies of networking and possibilities of preservation. We want to talk about traps and gaps in the current wave of solidarity with Ukraine, contribute to the visibility of the work of Ukrainian colleagues, and promote global and local networking of museums and their partners in times of war.


Rosa-Lena Bösl, ICOM Germany, Network Cultural Property Protection Ukraine
Vasyl Dunets, Junior Academy of Sciences and Centre of Interactive Museum Science, Kyїv
Robert Firmhofer, Copernicus Science Center, Warsaw
Yulia Fisch, House of Electronic Arts, Basel and Centre Pompidou, Paris
Oksana Karpovets, Zimmerli Art Museum, New Brunswick, New Jersey
Eugeny Kotlyar, Memorial to the Victims of the Holocaust in Drobitsky Yar, Kharkiv
Tanja Sokolnykova, kolo, shelter and support program at Tepla Gora eco centre


Alina Gromova, ICOM COMCOL, Foundation New Synagogue Berlin – Centrum Judaicum
Anna Leshchenko, University of Tübingen
Sandra Vacca, ICOM COMCOL

The event will be held in English. If necessary, individual contributions to the discussion may also be made in German, Ukrainian or Russian. We will make every effort to provide translation.

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