CARMAH / Institute for Empirical Cultural Studies Tübingen: Making Museums Matter

10 am
Four short inputs from museum makers will provide insights into current digitization projects in museums. The range of topics includes Creative Collections and digital collection approaches to new formats such as hackathons and digitization approaches. The focus will then be on a joint discussion about the opportunities and limits of digitization for museums, especially for smaller institutions.


Stefan Andritschke (Heimatmuseum Ebern): Heimatmuseum digital

Johannes Bernhardt (Digitalmanager am Badischen Landesmuseum Karlsruhe): Kreative Museen und Künstliche Intelligenz

Judith Schühle (Kuratorin am Museum Europäischer Kulturen Berlin): Done is better than perfect? #CollectingCorona als digitales Rapid-Response-Sammeln.

Martin Stricker (Koordinierungsstelle für wissenschaftliche Sammlungen Berlin): Digitale Sammlungen als Transferzonen


The lecture will be held in German. To register, please send an email to