WARP Lecture & Workshop:

Catalina Ortiz - Living Archive: Weaving Gender (Hi)Stories of Urban Reclamation in Moravia, Medellin’

4 pm / Helmholtz Zentrum für Kulturtechnik | Haus 3 | Philippstr. 13, 10115 Berlin (Kurssaal, 1st floor)

Living archives are inscribed in bodies, self-built urban spaces, and spatial practices. Archivo Vivo explores practices of urban reclamation led by women around the right to stay put, the search for diálogo de saberes (dialogue of knowledges) and fostering collective visions of memory and future. In Moravia and many other places in Colombia, women have used weaving as a symbolic reparation strategy. Learning from these weaving practices we engaged in affective co-creation through situated methodologies to trace spatial practices that reveal territorial reclamations.  We argue that living archives are artifacts for the defense of rights with the capacity to channel processes of weaving territory-body-earth as an act of healing.

Dr. Catalina Ortiz is an Associate Professor at the Development Planning Unit at University College London. Catalina is committed to a negotiated co-production of urban space grounded on ethics of care and engaged scholarship.