Making Museums Matter/CARMAH:

Cultural institutions on the radar of right-wing politics: experiences, ways of dealing and scope for action

10 am

Selfies in front of Nazi symbols in exhibitions, right-wing hostility and attacks on social media platforms, racist and nationalist statements during team meetings – as spaces of democratic engagement with the past, present and future museums, theatres, and other cultural institutions increasingly and actively have to deal with right-wing populism and far-right voices and practices. What are the concrete things to consider when dealing with such experiences and where to find support?

This is the first of two events in the series Making Museums Matter that deals with concrete actions against right-wing populist practices in cultural institutions. It is intended as a contribution to a whole series of initiatives in the cultural sector that are currently actively confronting this phenomenon.

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Nicole Broder (Dipl.-Geogr.) studied geography in Mainz and Edinburgh. She worked in Central Asia for a local human rights NGO. Since 2005, she has been an education officer at the Anne Frank Education Centre with a focus on human rights education, racism and discrimination, and non-violent conflict resolution. Since 2018, she has been leading a project on political education in the workplace.

Benjamin Kryl has been the director of the Stadtmuseum Parchim since January 2020 and is co-initiator of the museum network “Halt!ung”. He studied museology (HTW Berlin) and “Religion and Culture” (Humboldt University Berlin), and worked as a freelance cultural manager for several museums and educational institutions, such as the “Kreuzberg Initiative against Anti-Semitism”, in Leipzig and in Berlin. In addition to the local history of Parchim, his research focuses on “Anti-Judaism and Anti-Semitism” and “Ethics and Exhibitions”.

Hatice Ince has been a public relations officer at Neue Deutsche Medienmacher:innen since January 2022 and is involved in the project Kompetenznetzwerk gegen Hass im Netz. After studying cultural studies and history at the University of Bremen, she worked from 2016 as a freelance writer for youth magazines such as Bento, ze:tt and neon, and as a social media editor, online editor, and net reporter at Radio Cosmo. From 2018 to 2021, she worked as a community manager at Campact e.V.

Organization: Julia Leser (CARMAH), Christine Gerbich (CARMAH), Alina Gromova ( New Synagogue Berlin Foundation/COMCOL)

More information: Making Museums Matter