Making Museums Matter/CARMAH:

On the redefinition of the curatorial situation

10:30 am

Inspired by Beatrice von Bismarck’s publication “Das Kuratorische” (2021), Making Museums Matter will devote its first event of the new year to such changed forms of curatorial practice and has invited different curators to present their projects.
Birgit Johler (Volkskundemuseum Graz); Edith Hessenberger (Ötztaler Museum), Nina Szogs (Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg).

In a joint conversation, the relationship between curation and mediation, new forms of relationships with the public, and the potentials, complexities, and difficulties that a changed curatorial situation in the museum entails will be discussed. The presentations will be in German and moderated by Christine Gerbich & Alina Gromova.

For more information and the registration, see here.