Carmah Paper #1 – Otherwise. Rethinking Museums and Heritage

The essays collected together here each explore a concept that offers the potential to think and do museum and heritage practice otherwise – that is, to think and do museums and heritage differently from the ways in which they have more recently or more usually been done. This ‘otherwising’ is thoroughly anthropological. It draws from a disciplinary approach that seeks to explore diverse ways of doing and thinking – to learn from other ways of being wise – in order to rethink, re-do, and transform, what might otherwise be taken for granted or left unexamined.

We examine, then, concepts that seem to hold transformational promise: prove­nance, translocality, alterity, the post-ethno­logical and engagement. Some are already in widespread and international use, others less so; some are relevant for all or many kinds of museums and heritage and others for more specific problematics. Our aim is to consider the practices and other concepts with which they are, or might be, entangled, and to reflect on how far they might not only enable scholars to think about museums and heritage differently but also provoke changes in future practice.