Matters of Activity

The Excellence Cluster »Matters of Activity. Image Space Material« aims to create a basis for a new culture of materials. The central vision of the Cluster is to rediscover the analog in the activity of images, spaces and materials in the age of the digital. Biology and technology, mind and material, nature and culture intertwine in a new way. In this context, the interdisciplinary research and development of sustainable practices and structures is a central concern in areas such as architecture and soft robotics, textiles, materials and digital filters, and surgical cutting techniques.

Funded by the DFG and running from 2019-2025, the Cluster involves more than 40 disciplines. Anthropology plays an important role. So too do the University’s exhibition spaces: the Humboldt Labor and the Tieranatomische Theater.  CARMAH researchers are especially linked to the Cluster themes, Object, Space, Agency and Weaving 
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